State Department officials warned us of existential threat to America

IN there were only State Department career officers in foreign countries; today there are about 7, department employes serving abroad, some 2, of them officers. In addition, there are now tens of thousands of military men, Agency for International Development specialists, Central Intelligence Agency members, United States Information Agency staffers and representatives of the Health, Labor, Agriculture and other Government departments whose assignment abroad had not been thought of 20 years ago. Even the Atomic Energy Commission has staff members stationed permanently overseas. Along with practically every one of these men in the business of representing the United States abroad there is a wife. She is just as active as her husband, and in her own way just as important in the scheme of things. Overseas, it is usually the wife who establishes the congenial social setting that can lead to diplomatic rapport and international agreement. In many instances, it is the wife who, in her dozens of daily contacts with ordinary people, represents the United States more meaningfully than a husband bound to office routine and formal meetings. In many cases, it is the wife who has the toughest part of an American couple’s foreign duty. Taking Con gressmen’s imperious and demanding spouses shopping day after day during the periods of Congressional committee touring must surely rank high in this category. The most adventurous can sometimes find great opportunities.

The Reality Of Being A Foreign Service Spouse

Updated: Apr Love is such an emotional topic, so let’s start with some facts:. People long for meaningful connection with other people. Diplomats are people who wish to serve their country and advance its interests internationally.

Foreign service officers speak about being told they’re too close to a country to serve there.

My policy requires that all members of this organization to conduct themselves in a manner that is professional at all times. We will actively seek ways to foster a positive and supportive working environment that respects the differences in position, rank, and grade. The Navy has historically relied upon custom and tradition to define the bounds of acceptable personal relationships among its members. Proper social interaction among junior and senior members has always been encouraged as it enhances unit morale and esprit de corps.

At the same time, unduly familiar personal relationships between junior and senior members have traditionally been contrary to naval custom, because they undermine the respect for authority, which is essential to the Navy’s ability to accomplish its military mission. Seniors must maintain thoroughly professional relationships with juniors at all times.

This custom recognizes the need to prevent use of a senior grade or position in such a way in which it results in or gives the appearance of favoritism, preferential treatment, personal gain, or involves actions that otherwise may reasonably be expected to undermine good order, discipline, authority, or high unit morale. In like manner, custom requires that junior personnel recognize and respect the authority inherent in a senior’s grade, rank, or position.

This recognition of authority is evidenced by observance and enforcement of the military courtesies and customs, which have traditionally defined proper senior-subordinate relationships. Although it has most commonly been applied to officer-enlisted relationships, fraternization also includes improper relationships and social interaction between officer members as well as between enlisted members, regardless of the service affiliation of the other officer or enlisted member, including members of foreign military services.

Additionally, personal relationships between Chief Petty Officers E-7 to E-9 and junior personnel E-1 to E-6 , who are assigned to the same command, which are unduly familiar and that do not respect differences in grade or rank are prohibited. Dating between members is prohibited in those cases where such activity constitutes fraternization as discussed in the foregoing paragraphs.

The Ambassador’s Wife Is An Ambassador, Too

This Reddit is dedicated to individuals seeking employment with the U. Foreign Service and are currently preparing, or wish to prepare for, the Foreign Service Officer written and oral assessments. State Department.

The State Department shared figures dating back only to late In February​, 3, people took the foreign service officer test, up from.

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Single in the Foreign Service: Heather Steil Blogs from Afghanistan

Congratulations on joining the Foreign Service! First, getting involved in post life is absolutely no problem. Although the exact mix varies from post to post, expect to find things like a weekly happy hour at the Marine House for Embassy staff and families; trips, tours and social events organized by the Community Liaison Office, some aimed at singles; a Hash House Harriers international running group; regular social gatherings for English-speaking diplomats including the British and Canadian communities, for instance ; and formal or informal gatherings for the international community at your post.

The payoff will be a network of new friends to support you through your adjustment, share the enjoyment of discovering your new country, and introduce you to even more new friends. Your single colleagues at the Embassy will likely gravitate to each other in their free time, for dinners, weekend trips, beach outings or whatever is available at your post, since they will be in the same situation you are — far away from their previous worlds and actively looking for people to hang out with.

They also tend to be bright, interesting people with positive attitudes toward Americans, and many deep friendships, romances and marriages have developed between them and the American officers they work with.

She was at the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade and I was at the then Being Canberra (i.e.: very small), we met through mutual friends and started dating. One of my junior officers came into my office one day and asked to employing agencies within the Australian Public Service – there are.

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Foreign Service Officer

The mid-level FSO Candidate program, under the provisions of section of the Foreign Service Act of , supplements the junior-level Career Candidate program to meet total requirements for Foreign Service Officers at the mid-level in the Foreign Service. Foreign Service limited appointments of FSO Candidates are made to Class 3, 2, or 1 for a period not to exceed five years. Occasionally, appointments may be offered at the Class 4 level. The FSO Commissioning Board will determine whether FSO Candidates have performed at a satisfactory level and demonstrated the required level of growth potential and competence, and will make a recommendation on commissioning as Foreign Service Officers.

The answers already given are correct: yes, a diplomat can marry a local citizen, but it can take a while. Several US foreign service officers I know married locals.

Josh Shrager is a diplomat. You read that right. I am the only one to live outside of the country. And since college, I knew the Foreign Service was the path I wanted to go down, it just took me some time to get there. After college, Josh ended up going back to Kathmandu to do consulting work for a year. He then landed at the Department of the Treasury. For 5 years Josh served at the Treasury, spending one year in Baghdad and another year as the Treasury attache in Saudi Arabia.

Along the way, Josh got married to the woman of his dreams— a tough feat for someone constantly on the go. The fact that we can talk and text during the day, that makes it easier. It is something they have refined over decades of time. They also make it possible for families to travel together. For those thinking of pursuing a career with the State Department , Josh wants you to be prepared for the realities of such a post.

That may sound obvious but it is an important point to make.

Prospective FSO Seeks Spouse

I was delighted when Heather agreed to write this guest post from Kabul, Afghanistan. Thank-you, Heather! I know enough female FSOs who have found husbands abroad to dispel that myth.

And, like it or not, Foreign Service folk can’t escape it. and the woman who married the foreign officer enjoyed happy marriages outside of the.

He got a dreamy look in his eyes when I told him I’d spent the last 18 years of my life following my husband around the world as a Foreign Service spouse. Department of State. Have you seen their houses? I was confused. Of course I’ve seen their houses. In 18 years overseas, I’ve lived in a few of those houses. But—living like a king? No, sir, I wanted to say. I’ve never done that overseas.

Some of the houses, truth be told, are pretty nice.

Singles Speak

Although President Donald Trump’s unpredictable, go-it-alone foreign policy has caused apprehension among some prospective applicants, and led some senior diplomats to resign, the cause of the drop remains unclear. But coupled with budget pressures and a survey showing declining morale at the State Department, veterans of the diplomatic corps worry that the long-term health of the institution charged with safeguarding America’s interests abroad could be at risk if current trends continue.

The competitive process to join the ranks of U. Between October and October , only 8, people chose to take the test, a 22 percent decline compared to the same period a year earlier, according to the State Department’s numbers. Since , the number of test-takers has dipped below 9, in only two other years for which there is complete data — and , according to statistics provided by former U.

For meeting local people, the Foreign Service Nationals (FSNs) working at your romances and marriages have developed between them and the American officers they work with. (No need for singles bars or Internet dating services!).

Daniel E. Mehring, a diplomat with U. Foreign Service veteran said Wednesday to some curious students. Mehring, who joined the Foreign Service in , was supposed to speak from Baghdad via internet link to some Richlands and Bluefield, Va. Soon he was telling them about serving in 36 different countries. Using a projector in the Graham Middle School auditorium, he showed his audience a list of things he had done overseas and asked them to guess if any of them were untrue.

One student guessed that being knighted was the false entry. Another thought ranging a basketball game for a president was the right one. Mehring then said he had done all of those things, and he had many colleagues who could put together lists including the very same sort of achievements. They go to serve the people of the United States.

National Archives Hosts Career Diplomats to Discuss Women in Foreign Service

Excerpt below:. On Aug. Agency for International Development announced that one of its employees had died suddenly.

Inside the Life of a Young Foreign Service Officer And since college, I knew the Foreign Service was the path I wanted to go down, it just took me some time to The Best Dating Apps, According To A Seasoned Matchmaker.

Ambassadors of the United States are persons nominated as ambassadors by the President to serve as United States diplomats to individual nations of the world, to international organizations, and as ambassadors-at-large. Their appointment needs to be confirmed by the United States Senate. Appointments change regularly for various reasons, such as reassignment or retirement. In most cases, career foreign service officers serve a tour of approximately three years per ambassadorship whereas political appointees customarily tender their resignations upon the inauguration of a new president.

As embassies fall under the State Department’s jurisdiction, ambassadors answer directly to the Secretary of State. The United States Department of State provides lists of ambassadors which are updated periodically. A listing by country of past chiefs of mission is maintained by the Office of the Historian of the U. Department of State. Note that the information in this list is subject to change due to regular personnel changes resulting from retirements and reassignments.

The State Department posts updated lists of ambassadors approximately monthly, accessible via an interactive menu-based website.

Dickinson College Russian and International Studies Major Carves Successful Foreign Service Career

At the Centre for Feminist Foreign Policy, we seek to highlight those around the world who are working to promote gender equality and challenge the status quo. The people we interview occupy many different roles within NGOs, foreign policy, and charities, among many. Aside from their impressive careers, our interviewees are feminist actors with a wealth of advice. Blessing Ikpa : Tell me about who you are and what your current position is.

As a Foreign Service Officer, there are five different career tracks that you to have a terrible time, or you can’t date there as a black women.

I am 22, single, and excited about the opportunity to serve abroad. My question comes from a struggle I face daily, and it has to do with dating. Few people I interact with know about the Foreign Service. What little they do know has come from knowledge I have shared. When I tell girls I want to become a diplomat, they seem to shy away. This occurs perhaps because of their need to have stability in a relationship, or maybe even because of news coverage that tells often of embassy bombings, threats, or deaths of diplomats abroad.

This struggle I face daily has put a damper on my dating life. Should I be concerned? What type of person can handle the stress of being the spouse of a Foreign Service officer? Are there any particular traits I should look for, or stray away from?

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